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No other pool lighting can match IntelliBrite 5g LED lights for energy savings and sheer delight. Whether you choose IntelliBrite 5g color changing or 5g white lights, Pentair's advanced technology delivers the brightest LEDs available. Best of all, they're also the most energy-efficient, using 50% less energy than other LED pool lights and up to 86% less energy that traditional incandescent or halogen lights.

Pentair Intellibrite COLOR Pool Light for Inground Pools | LED 120V 30 ft Cord 5G Color | 601000
Pentair Intellibrite LED COLOR Pool Light 120V
Pentair Intellibrite 5G WHITE Spa Light | 120V LED 100W 30' Cord | 640140
Pentair Intellibrite 5G LED WHITE Spa Lights 120V
Pentair Intellibrite 5G WHITE Spa Light | 12V LED 100W 30' Cord | 640081 640150
Pentair Intellibrite 5G LED WHITE Spa Lights 12V
Pentair MagicStream Laminar Color LED Light | Black Deck Lid | 580001B
Pentair MagicStream Laminar Color LED and Fiber Optic Lights
Pentair Intellibrite Landscape Lights | 690019
Pentair Intellibrite Landscape Lights
Pentair Fountain Fixture for Large Lights with Rock Guard | Bronze | 560000
Pentair Fountain Fixtures for Pool & Spa Lights
Intermatic 100W | 120V to 12V Transformer | PX100
Intermatic Low Voltage Transformers

IntelliBrite 5g Underwater Color-Changing LED Pool and Spa Lights feature LED technology—the wave of the future in energy-efficiency, lifetime value, quality of light and the ability to control it. With IntelliBrite 5g lights, combinations of individual colored LEDs are mixed and matched to achieve a vibrant spectrum of colors*. These combinations are power sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different sequences of color. Combined with a custom reflector and innovative lens design, the IntelliBrite 5g light is the brightest and most efficient underwater LED light available.
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