NOTICE: The pool & spa industry continues to face industry-wide shortages on many products that most vendors expect to last late into 2021/early 2022. We're allowing items to be purchased so that customers who choose to wait will have their order shipped when product is available. WE WILL EMAIL YOU RIGHT AWAY IF YOUR ITEM IS BACKORDERED. 
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Swimming pool cleaners take the hassle of manually cleaning your swimming pool and eliminate it. Who wants to spend time cleaning a pool when you can relax and enjoy the pool while it's cleaned automatically? There are various options when it comes to picking a pool cleaner. Please read below for the different types and if you have further questions, please feel free to contact Active Pool Supply!
Suction Cleaners - These cleaners use the suction from your pool pump to clean the floor and walls as the cleaner moves around the pool's surface.
Pressure Cleaners - Pressure cleaners use the water as it returns into the pool to blow dirt, leaves and debris from the surface of the pool into the bag attached to the cleaner.
Robotic Cleaners - This type of cleaner plugs into a standard 110V electrical outlet and runs independently of your pool's pump and filter system. These units have no hoses and are completely self-contained.
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