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Eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating option

Heat pumps transfer the heat from outside air to your pool, providing the most energy efficient pool and spa heating available in regions where they are practical. Compared to other heaters, heat pumps can operate for up to 80% less. They're also clean and safe to operate. Let us help you determine if a heat pump is appropriate in your region.

Heat pumps will provide you with years of heated pool enjoyment. Heat pumps operate by taking heat from the surrounding air and transferring it into the water. The warmer the air and the more humidity in the air, the more latent heat is available for heating your pool. With a properly sized heat pump for your pool, the heat pump should raise your pool on average 1° F per hour depending on air temperature, humidity, and water temperature. The ideal or rated condition for the heat pump is 80° F air temperature, 80% relative humidity, and80° F water temperature. As conditions decrease from80/80/80, the heat pump performance will decrease slightly.
Heat Pumps are best utilized to maintain a set water temperature; they are not intended to provide instant or fast heating. It is not reasonable to expect a heat pump to perform like a gas heater which has a much higher BTU output and faster response. Also, gas heaters are not dependent on environmental conditions. Swimming pool heat pumps are very similar to home heating and air conditioning heat pumps and therefore should be treated similarly.
Proper operation and use of the heat pump is to set it at your desired temperature and leave it. Your heat pump will turn on and off automatically to maintain your desired temperature much like your home HVAC unit. To take advantage of the sun’s energy, operate your heat pump during the heat of the day.
Your heat pump will still operate when the temperature drops at night, but the output will be decreased. It is acceptable to shut the heat pump off and not use it for extended periods of time. When you have a need to heat your pool, please plan accordingly since it may take the heat pump days to heat your pool back to your desired temperature, depending on your pool temperature and environmental conditions.
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