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Hayward Replacement Salt Cells

The replacement T-CELL salt cells are offered in three different sizes. The smaller T-CELL-3 and T-CELL-9 require newer software for them to work, regardless if you currently have one of these cells. If you have the older software (2009 and older units) then you MUST use a T-CELL-15
Hayward Goldline AquaRite OEM Replacement Cell with 15' Cord | 15,000 Gallons | 3-Year Warranty |  W3T-CELL-3
Hayward Goldline AquaRite / AquaPro Original Salt Replacement Cells for Inground Pools
Hayward Goldline AquaTrol OEM Replacement Salt Cell with 15' Cord for Above Ground Pools | W3GLX-CELL-5
Hayward Goldline AquaTrol Original Replacement Salt Cell for Above Ground Pools
Hayward Goldline Straight Cell Pipe | Winterizing Dummy Cell | GLX-CELL-PIPE
Hayward Goldline Winterizing Cell Pipe Dummy Cell
Hayward Goldline Turbo Cell Cleaning Stand | GLX-CELLSTAND
Hayward Turbo Cell
Cell Cleaning Stand
Hayward Goldline Original Replacement Flow Switch | GLX-FLO-RP
Hayward Goldline Replacment Flow Switch
Hayward Goldline Hand Held Floating Salt Tester Waterproof | GLX-SALTMETER
Hayward Goldline Hand Held Floating Waterproof Salt Tester
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