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Air Supply of the Future Inc. has the widest range of commercial and residential air blowers for many applications including pool-spa and bathtub aeration, aquaculture, industrial and chemical processing. For over 20 years Air Supply has provided quality aeration system design and sales. We take the guesswork out of blower sizing and provide our customer with technical support that is rated #1 in the industry.

We hope you take advantage of the quality products and services we provide here at our web-site. In addition, if you need more help, we are just a phone call away, and a technical representative will be happy to assist you.

Air Supply Silencer Blower | 1HP 120V 4.5 AMPS | 6310120F 6310141
Air Research Silencer Blowers
Air Supply Comet 2000 Blower | 1HP 120V 4.5 AMPS | 3210120 3210120F 3210131
Air Supply Comet 2000
Air Supply Galaxy Blower | 1HP 120V 4.5 AMPS | 6510101 6510120F 6510131
Air Supply Galaxy Outdoor Blowers
Air Supply Blower Motor | 1HP 120V 6.8 AMPS | 3010101
Air Supply Spa Blowers/Motors
Air Supply Ultra 9000 Blower | 1HP 120V 4.5 AMPS | 3910120 3910120F 3910131
Air Supply Ultra 9000 Portable Spa Blowers
Air Supply 2" Union Check Valve 1/4 lb. Spring 1.5" I.D. - 2.0 O.D. | Clear | 1112500
Bath Tub and Spa Accesories
Air Supply Cyclone Liner Vac 3HP 120V 2-Stage | 4128100 4128100P
Liner Vac
The New Silencer By Air Supply has taken a quantum leap in quiet performance. The unique motor mount is the secret to our success. A thick rubber cup encases the fan while allowing the motor to vibrate freely on a flexible rubber base. This combination eliminates noise so well that virtually no foam is required. Many competitive blowers uses filter foam to reduce noise, but foam may clog over time causing starvation and overheating.
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